Creative and flexible solutions for company owners, management teams, and boards of directors


Kroll Capital provides unbiased, independent Strategic Advisory Services to company owners and management teams to help drive growth and develop exit strategies that will lead to transactions that maximize shareholder value. We provide owners, management and boards of directors with creative and flexible solutions that address the issues specific to their companies while optimizing the value of a transaction. We offer alternatives to help companies make logical and informed decisions regarding the most beneficial time and structure under which to execute a transaction. Whether the goal is to create long-term growth, achieve liquidity, acquire another company, or find capital to complete a management buyout, we can provide the solutions to reach your goals.  


Our investment flexibility allows creative solutions to the many needs of company owners seeking liquidity or a strategic equity partner for their company. We optimize outcomes by leveraging our long term relationships with private equity sources, family offices and financial institutions. We have worked closely with owners and managers of entrepreneurial private companies for many years, and are committed to building solid, long-lasting relationships based on personal trust, professional integrity, and hard work. We set the long-term strategic direction of the company while giving management the ability to run the company on a day-to-day basis. We are not driven by the transaction, we are driven by the objectives of our clients and measured by their success.


Our investing experience puts us in a unique position to advise companies that wish to grow through strategic acquisitions. We listen to your investment criteria and actively identify potential acquisition targets that have growth opportunity, while delivering a smooth and orderly process. Our goal as advisors is to create value for transactions with company owners, private equity-backed portfolio companies, private equity investors and family offices.


Transactions are typically achieved through one of the following processes:

Buyouts & Recapitalizations

Provide company owners with an opportunity to achieve liquidity through a sale of all or a portion of their companies for estate planning or asset diversification.

Management Buyouts

Provide management teams with the capital needed to acquire companies.

Growth Capital
Provide company owners with the capital required to make an acquisition or expand a product line or services.

Minority Equity Investments

Provide the capital required through a minority equity investment in a company to achieve desired objectives.

Mezzanine Capital Investments

Provide flexible mezzanine financing to support acquisitions, recapitalizations, buyouts, and growth in privately held companies.

Operations & Board Services

Provide company owners with key operational assistance and sound strategic decisions to confidently confront complex business challenges.

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