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Strategic M&A advisory services to help companies maximize shareholder value


Kroll Capital works with company owners, management teams and investors to apply its strategic M&A advisory services that targets growth companies while seeking to manage downside risk. We are Midwestern in style and believe that a company's successful exit is built on collaboration with long term customers, suppliers, employees and related stakeholders.


We are focused on opportunities that include some of the following fundamental characteristics which minimize downside risk for buyers and lead to higher exit valuations for companies.

  • Proven demand for the product/service

  • Products/services with high switching costs

  • Branded or proprietary products/services

  • Markets with growth opportunities 

  • Recurring revenue 

  • Diversified customer base

We are creative with advisory transactions, ranging from all cash to common equity, and various structures that fall between the two. Every transaction is unique, and a creative approach is often necessary to meet the needs of strategic, financial, and family office buyers, and financial institutions. As an advisor, we have a wide network of strategic, financial, and family office buyers. This gives us the ability to sell a broad range of companies with different sizes and structures.

Our advisory activity has focused on highly engineered manufacturing, value added distribution and business services in a broad range of industries.

  • Aerospace, Defense & Gov't

  • Agri-business & Food

  • Automotive 

  • Healthcare

  • Diversified Industrials  

  • Financial Services

  • Technology & Business Services

  • Building Products

  • Internet Retail & Consumer Products

  • Software

  • Transportation & Logistics


For platform investments, buyers are seeking companies with the following attributes.

•    Revenues from $5 to $150 million
•    EBITDA of $1-15 million, less for add-ons
•    Privately owned, family owned, or multi-generational businesses
•    Businesses facing growth-related constraints with financial and managerial resources
•    Potential to achieve above-average earnings growth through revenue growth and operational improvements
•    Company owners seeking to rollover a portion of the proceeds in the new company
•    U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe

We will advise smaller companies that fit as add-on acquisitions and typically do not advise on early-stage or turnaround situations. Corporate divestitures will also be considered. 

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